Fail Friday: Saved by the Driving Range Net

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Have you ever wondered if those nets at multi-level driving ranges ever get used? Sure, the idea behind them is sound: if for whatever reason, someone were to take a false step off of an upper level, the net is there to save them from worse injury. However, have you ever seen them in action?

Logic would tell us that the most common reason for those nets would be for younger golfers who are learning the game, more concerned with how high and far they are hitting the ball than the fact that they are a few stories up. Instead, this week’s fail shows us you don’t need to be young or drunk to require a net save.

Our friend above is going for the Old Faithful of trick shots, the Tiger Woods ball bounce and hit. The problem that arises is he’s on an upper level of a multi-level driving range and his bay has a roof. Using the highly-lofted club, our man carries out the trick with a few bounces and even manages to make contact. The ball flies straight into the roof causing him to do the “can you believe that?” pirouette.

Unaware of his surroundings, the trick shotter finds the edge of the bay and falls into the net in an “Is he okay? Yes, he is. Now, that’s hilarious” fail. 


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