Tandem Ball Retrieval Comes Up Short


Golf is a social sport, and we think it’s fun to share golf experiences; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Partnering with our friends at gottaGolf (The Ball Tracer & Social Golf App), SxS is proud to bring you “Golf Fails brought to you by gottaGolf,” a weekly reminder that golf is… really hard.

We’ve all been there, whether it’s a brand new ball that goes missing after one swing or if you’re just not the type to let a golf ball go unfound, we’ve all done some questionable things when it comes to retrieving a golf ball.

Let the above video allow for one rule of thumb when searching for a lost ball: never involve a friend in the recovery. It’s your ball and ultimately, it’s your fault. To bring someone else into the mix can never end well.

The sense of foreboding in the above clip is palpable. You know the pair are going swimming, you just don’t know at which point. The worst part? After falling into the pond, neither reached down and grabbed the ball they were originally so desperate for.

Once you’re wet, you’re wet for a while.  You might as well take that opportunity to scoop up as many golf balls as possible. 


— — — 

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