Fail Friday: Too Much Trust


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The wide breadth of trick shots covers the mundane to the ridiculous. This attempt by Johan Burger, a teaching professional at Pure Motion Golf Academy in South Africa, flew past the border of “ridiculous.”

Somehow, Burger talked his friend, Sergio Dias, a fellow teaching pro, to allow him to attempt the between the legs full driver trick shot. If you haven’t seen this trick shot pulled off, it’s because there has been more failures than there have been successes. We can add Burger’s attempt in the fail category.

Luckily for his guinea pig, Dias, it appears as if Burger’s drive caught him on the inside of the thigh and not quite the most sensitive area. Of course, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. The average 15-handicap has a swing speed of roughly 93 MPH, which means the ball is traveling somewhere in the area of 140 MPH. 

Dias is a good, albeit an overly-trusting friend. 



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