Fail Friday: Saving a Stroke Wasn’t Worth It


They say that golf isn’t about how great your good shots are, it’s how bad your misses are. For our nattily-attired friend above, his miss wasn’t quite bad enough, which resulted in pretty much what you’d expect when you see someone flip over their club head on a steep embankment. 

A right-handed player swinging left-handed is going to be a problem on a flat surface with no water in sight. However, combine the fact that our friend’s ball is mere inches from a water hazard, almost a foot below his feet and we have the perfect recipe for Fail Friday.

The speed with which the subject scampered out of the lake leads us to believe that water hazard may have been the home to some kind of dangerous creature. 

The worst part of all? The ball never moved an inch. However, after the first fail, it might be best if he just put that one in his pocket for the rest of the hole and concentrated on getting dry. 


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