Feral Hogs Wreaking Havoc On Texas Golf Course

A Texas golf course is dealing with an infestation on a scale that they’ve never seen before.

Officials estimate between 35 and 50 feral hogs are wreaking havoc on Lockhart State Park golf courses by tearing up the terrain and creating large mud patches, according to a report from Houston’s KSAT.

Austin Vieh, a park official, told KSAT that hogs are a common issue in the area, but this year’s overrun is  “the worst they’ve seen so far.”

The park posted photos of the damage on their Facebook page, noting that the course is still playable if not pristine.

“Attention Golfers: Our historic golf course at Lockhart State Park has experienced a large increase in damage by feral hogs over the last couple of weeks,” the post reads. “The course is playable, but it does not look pretty. As a courtesy to our golfers, we’re offering 50% off all golf-related fees (including greens fees, cart rentals, & pull carts) to help make up for the less-than-ideal conditions. Rest assured, our Rangers are working tirelessly to trap and remove the hogs, repair their damage, and prevent their return.”

As the social media post noted, rangers are attempting to trap and remove the hogs, but Vieh noted that the animals are becoming aware of the traps, and as a result, are steering clear of them. 

Lockhart, Texas is located south of Austin and Northeast of San Antonio. 

If you’re in the area, looking for some cheap greens fees and don’t mind the mess, the park course may be a good place to tee it up.