Five Last-Minute Golf Gifts

Nobody panic. Sure, it’s a week away from Christmas and you haven’t done your holiday shopping yet. Shoot, you probably haven’t even asked the folks you need to shop for if there was anything they want. But you can’t do that now because it’ll be obvious that you’ve procrastinated way too long.

Fear not, for SwingU has you covered with five incredible last-minute golf gifts that will not only mask the fact that you waited way too long to shop, but also take you to the top of the gift-giving power rankings.


The delicate dance between distance and accuracy is one every golfer finds themselves struggling with. Everyone wants to hit it farther, but not at the expense of giving away strokes with chip outs. 

There’s got to be a better way! 

There is, and it’s called the Orange Whip Distance Duo. Packaging the classic Orange Whip, which promotes rhythm, balance and tempo for a better “stock” swing with the Orange Whip LightSpeed, which helps players increase their swing speed by training your body how to use the ground and swing in sequence. Pairing the two together, you get the best of distance and accuracy while grooving your swing all year round. 

Price: $183.00; Use SWINGU at checkout for 10% off


2. Out & In Golf Design

Nothing shouts “classy golf guy” quite like a framed overhead print of an iconic golf course. Whether it’s a course from the Open rota like Royal St. George’s or Turnberry, something to commemorate a fantastic buddies weekend like Bandon Dunes or Streamsong or a more niche course like Rustic Canyon or Pasatiempo, Out & In has you covered.

Even better, Kevin at Out & In accepts commissions for courses, so if the person you’re buying for is looking for a trip down memory lane to a lesser-known venue or a hometown course, you can really make a splash with a custom-designed print.

Price: Starting at $125.00



The best golf weather of this year may be behind us, but it’s never too early to start making efforts towards playing your best golf in the coming season. 

Get full access to SwingU Versus’ strokes gained statistics, Premium’s on-course digital caddie features such as wind speed, elevation and “plays like” distances as well as on-demand video tips & drills for game improvement off the course.

Price: $39.99; 60% off



There is no offseason with PhiGolf. Have your very own mobile golf game simulator at home with the photorealistic graphics from the WGT & E6 Connect.

PhiGolf swing stick and 9-Axis motion sensor lets you play 80+ world-famous courses, fun mini-games and tournaments in three amazing apps: PhiGolf, WGT and E6 Connect! Play a round of golf remotely with friends and family wherever they are in the world!

Price: $249.00; Use SWINGU50 at checkout for $50 off. 


5. Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

What’s the nicest way to tell someone their game needs work? Give them a Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor. The Rapsodo MLM will revolutionize the way any golfer practices, giving precise feedback in a fun and informative fashion that is so useful, it couldn’t possibly be seen as an insult.

The MLM’s simple and reliable performance can be used inside or out, and is so easy to use that even the most tech-challenged golfer will have no issues firing it up and using it.  

Price: $399.99; $100 off