Florida Dentist Attacks Doctor On Golf Course Over Etiquette Dispute

Golf isn’t always a non-contact sport for some of its players.

A Florida dentist was arrested following an altercation at Harbor Hills Golf Course in Lake County, Florida.

Eddie Orobitg, 52, was arrested and charged with a felony aggravated battery after he smashed Joseph Sivak in the face and body over golf course etiquette. 

Sivak and his wife were taking a walk on the golf course when, according to Sivak, Orobitg started screaming at them. He was playing golf with his son. 

Orobitg’s issue with Sivak was where he was walking on the golf course. He told Sivak that he was not supposed to be walking along the cart path as it was reserved for those using golf carts.

“(We) just heard somebody screaming, swearing at us, coming up really fast behind us,” Sivak told Fox 35.

According to the report filed at the scene, the two men engaged in an argument when Orobitg spat in Sivak’s face and then began to beat him with his hands and a golf club. Sivak told police he tried to defend himself with his water bottle. 

When the proper authorities arrived, Sivak was covered in blood and could not make a verbal statement after the beating. 

“I nearly died, that’s the thing that scared me,” Sivak told the station.

“Had he been struck just in the right place, it could have been much, much worse,” Lt. John Herrell with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office told the station of the attack.

Orobitg advertises his light touch with patients, so it is clear that Sivak was no patient. 

Sivak said he suffered broken ribs, a fractured cheekbone, a ripped earlobe, and several bruises and cuts as a result of the dentist’s rage.