Fog Sends Driver Flying 40 Feet Into The Air, Crashing Onto Golf Course

On a foggy Monday morning, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) responded to an incident where a driver crashed through a stop sign and onto the eighth hole of the Eagle Springs Golf Club in Friant.

The golf club is located about 20 minutes north of Fresno near Table Mountain Casino.

According to the CHP’s social media post, there was “heavy morning fog” at the time of the crash at the intersection of Sky Harbour Road and Millerton Road.

Due to the dense fog, the driver was “traveling too fast to see the stop sign,” the CHP said. “Thankfully,” the post continued, “the intersection was clear of traffic” when the incident occurred.


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After running the stop sign, the vehicle launched approximately 40 feet onto the Eagle Springs golf course. The driver suffered only minor injuries in the dramatic crash.

The CHP playfully reminded drivers that incidents like this demonstrate the importance of slowing down while driving in heavy fog.

The National Weather Service has predicted more heavy morning fog in the region with visibility potentially being reduced to less than a quarter-mile. Due to these conditions, the CHP cautions drivers to avoid driving if possible during dense fog.

For those who must drive, the CHP advises wearing seat belts, reducing speed, using low beam headlights and rolling down windows to listen for oncoming traffic. This proactive approach can help drivers stay safe if they suddenly encounter dense fog on the roadways.