For Sale: House that Greg Norman Built

Got $25 million?

We don’t, and not many of you folks out there do either. But if you are fortunate to have this kind of cash sitting in a bank vault or under your mattress, we found a way for you to spend it.

Live in the house that Greg Norman built.

“The Shark” is selling a 7.5-acre lot in Boca Raton, Fla. on which he plans to build a mega mansion, to be completed in 2015. The planned house — and by house we mean a house like the one that used to hold the space shuttles, only bigger — will be about 29,000 square feet and will have seven bedrooms, 19 bathrooms and a 10-car garage.

(Courtesy of

(Courtesy of

Here’s the story behind the property. Norman purchased the land, which contained a house built in 1985, for $7 million in 2006. He was going through a divorce at the time and was simultaneously serenading former professional tennis player Chris Evert, who lives down the street from the Boca Raton lot.

The pair soon became a couple and got married in 2007, only to be divorced in 2009. Norman never lived in the house or anywhere on the property and last year he decided to level the home and listed the empty lot for $6 million earlier this year.

Now it appears he’s trying to make a few bucks by throwing a giant house into the mix.

A few things jumped out at us after seeing the full listing on

– $864 per square foot doesn’t seem so bad. Oh but wait, the place is 28,945 square feet. Yeah, that’s a bit out of our price range, unless our handlers at Back9 want to add a few more zeros to our paycheck.

– This place has six HALF bathrooms. Most modest apartments have fewer rooms than that, and certainly not as many bathrooms.

– It’s good to see that the local homeowners association allows pets. Although you must be careful because Daisy the dog could easily get lost in one of the dozens of rooms, never to be seen or heard from again.

– This is listed as single family home, which is funny because you could fit about 20 families in this thing.

– “Amenable to helicopter access.” Finally. I’ve been needing a place to stash my chopper. Thing’s been stuffed in my storage unit for years.

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