Fox With Fresh Kill Holds Up Golfer’s Round

There are some animal encounters on the course that are a little more frightening than others.

Seeing a large snake or a monstrous alligator is enough to have people running back to their carts, but what Shane Miller, a 19-year-old New Jersey golfer, captured on video during a round of golf on Monday at Flanders Valley Golf Course in Flanders, N.J. was more interesting than terrifying.

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Miller was playing the sixth hole on the property’s Red Course when a fox trotted across his path with what Miller identified as a freshly killed squirrel. 

“I saw him running across,” Miller told “He didn’t even mind me. He knew just where he was going. I’ve never seen someone dig a hole so fast. I didn’t startle him and he didn’t miss a beat.”

The fox made a beeline for a bunker near Miller’s cart where he buried the animal before heading back to the woods.

Miller, for his part, parred the hole and went on to shoot a solid round of 81. 

“The fox gave me a little bit of luck,” he said.