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Joke Of The Day

p>Tom and Bill were playing their usual Saturday game at the golf course. While Tom was in the middle of the fairway eyeing his next shot, Bill’s ball was next to the woods.

“Hey Tom, come and see this!” Bill yelled.

Tom walked over and saw Bill teasing a snake with his 6-iron.

“It’s a king snake constrictor, nonpoisonous,” Bill said.

“Forget the snake, Bill,” Tom said. “Let’s play golf.”

As Tom walked back to his ball, Bill let out a scream while holding his thumb.

“The S.O.B. bit me,” he said.

The men beat the snake dead with their clubs and got a brown paper bag from the clubhouse. They wrote the word “SNAKE” on it, and took it with them so that they could show it to the doctors. 

When they got there, the emergency room was full. Bill took the bag with the dead snake in it and took a seat in the middle of the crowd.

Tom went to the receptionist to start the paperwork, and when he turned around to ask for Bill’s insurance card, he noticed a 30-foot circle of empty chairs around Bill.

“I can’t take you anywhere, can I?!” Tom said. 

(Submitted by reader Mike B.)

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