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Tom and Mary were watching a few of their grandchildren over the weekend. On Saturday morning, Tom’s phone rang and Mary listened as he spoke. It was Bill, Tom’s golf buddy.

“Hey Tom, let’s go to the golf course today!” Tom said.

“Sorry Bill, I can’t go today. I’m babysitting. We have our 8-month-old and 2-year-old grandchildren to watch…”

Looking at his wife, Bill finished his sentence very loudly, “…Mary is not 25 anymore; she needs help.”

Mary glared at him and said, “What do you mean by that?! I have three children and eight grandchildren! I can handle kids, and I haven’t lost any yet!

Tom, having not hung up the phone yet, responded to Mary, “Sorry I know!”

Then he put the phone back up to his ear, “So, it looks like I’m available after al! Imagine that! What time do we tee off?!”

(Submitted by reader Mike B.)

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