VIDEO: Don’t Keep Your Head Down

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During Bo’s annual physical, the doctor asked him to describe his activities on a typical day.

“Well, doc, here’s what I did yesterday afternoon,” Bo began. “I waded at the edge of a rocky lake, evaded a pack of mongrels in the brush, scrambled up and down a number of rugged hills, climbed an oak tree and encountered a 6-foot rattlesnake.”

“Wow,” the doctor exclaimed, clearly impressed. “You sound like quite the outdoorsman.”

“No,” Bo replied, “I’m just a really lousy golfer.”

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Don’t Keep Your Head Down

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This is why you don’t keep your head down 😂 Via: @amateurgolfswing

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From The Gallery

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Thank you Beaumont. Always fun to play you! @road2lpga #desertgolf #desertsunset #desertweather 🥵

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