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If this cover pic doesn’t describe our relationship, idk what does. 😂 Happy birthday to the best manager and friend the @digitalgolfcollective team could ever ask for! ❤️ If she’s not helping us catch content, she’s probably on a phone call meeting, and if it’s not that then she probably has her laptop in hand with a glass of wine in the other, and if it’s NOT that then she’s probably making sure all of her clients are 💯% ok or barking at someone to make sure we are ok. 🤣 It’s crazy how a person can go from stranger to “ride or die” in such a little amount of time. @jesssmcalister YOU are that to me.❤️ Besides my S/O, you’re basically the only other person I drop everything just to answer a call & chat with so often that when I don’t hear from you – I am dramatically concerned. lol You are the hardest worker I know. And I’m extremely grateful everyday for your existence, partnership, and friendship. 🥰 Happy birthday Jess! We love you so much! ❤️ PS. I will never not post your egg video every bday. You’re welcome. #birthdaygirl #manager #momager #digitalgolfcollective

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having some fun today 🐎

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