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[ SHAFT LEAN & CLUB FACE ] All encompassing thoughts on implementing the material from a 1 hour lesson . A significant piece of the End of Lesson Review prepared for @mdobosh23 (Massachusetts) at the end of of his first visit to the MBGA . SWIPE LEFT to watch both videos . BACKSWING PIVOT: In video 1 MB details some of the set up recommendations as well as a minor grip adjustment with the trail hand. Matt was a very quick learner during the lesson in terms of dialing in the backswing pivot. The trail hip gapping means that the hip is working ever so slightly towards the target while the upper body maintains its slight tilt away from the target – The head stays centered while this takes place. Despite this stationary pivot the weight is still loading into the trail side . TEMPO + INCREASED SHAFT LEAN + CLUB FACE CONTROL: In video 2 MB points out the importance of slowing down the backswing tempo which will help encourage making a full turn. Through impact & post impact Matt had some excess flip (a lot of face rotation) which can create some inconsistencies with club face control. MB is seen explaining some outside of the box feels that help to achieve the minimal club face rotation aesthetic that elite players display into post impact. Despite the FEELS being quite revolutionary/radical the aesthetic they produce is quite conventional . Important to note only a small percentage of golfers are at a stage where by they have the characteristics in place to work on minimizing club face rotation. Matt is an accomplished former collegiate golfer who had a lot of great components in his swing already upon arrival – additionally he was one of the faster learners that we’ve documented – able to implement the material very quickly . Head to our Insta Stories to see @cameron__champ making the large turn with the trail hip gapping that MB references in video 1. The two longest hitters on tour Champ & DeChambeau both have this pivot characteristic present #Benderized

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