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?WEDNESDAY WISDOM 91? Minimizing Clubface Rotation . A simple key for a golfer who struggles with over curving the ball and too much clubface rotation is to make sure you maintain the distance between your forearms throughout the swing – especially through impact & post impact . When a player has excess lead wrist roll (too much knuckles down with the toe of the club passing the heel faster than desired) this leads to excess clubface rotation and ultimately can cause issues with achieving maximum consistency . Important to note that golfers who are learning to swing from a shallow shaft downswing position for the first time will typically struggle to square the clubface from this new approach angle. Due to that reason they often need to over exaggerate the rolling action of the lead wrist (which you see us share in some of our posts) and this post wouldn’t be applicable for them at their current stage. Once a player can consistently turn the ball over the topic of how to go about minimizing clubface rotation becomes a focal point . Head to our Insta Stories to see Jack Nicklaus, Byron Nelson, and Justin Thomas depicting the wrist angles associated with minimizing clubface rotation discussed in this post. Take careful note of the Jack image. That’s what a player looks like in post impact when they’ve achieved high quality wrist angles and control of the face #Benderized

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