From The Gallery – February 4, 2020

Joke Of The Day

Here are eight signs it’s too cold to golf: 

  1. Even with Mr. Rogers and Martha Stewart in your group, you still don’ t feel warm and fuzzy
  2. You have to wear the visor with the plaid, woolen ear flaps.
  3. Your cart sinks when it hits an iceberg.
  4. It’s hard to read a putt with Tammy Faye Baker icicles on your eyelashes.
  5. It drops below the temperature of an IRS agent’s heart.
  6. When you fell through the ice, you realized taking a divot on a frozen pond wasn’t such a hot idea.
  7. You’re trapped by snow in the course’s restaurant, ominously named the Donner Party Grill.
  8. The greens are groomed by a Zamboni.

(Submitted by reader Dan A.)

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Always Stand Behind Your Playing Partners

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Gotta keep your head on a swivel when playing with this dude ? Via: @golf_gods

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From The Gallery

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When you change how you look at things, the things you look at change. This is 1000% truth. And I don’t mean adjust to some sort of delusional world view; but we have a choice in how we see matters. Perhaps the ongoing glass half-full vs empty debate. As an eternal optimist I will always try to find positive in everything. But you want to hear a wild irony?? I’m so much better at doing this for OTHER people, and not necessarily myself. Crazy right? I can sit and listen and assess someone else’s circumstance and see so clearly how it will positively work out, but when it comes to myself and being supportive and encouraging in my life and direction, I struggle. Especially in my golf game. I’m so critical and so competitive and rough on myself. I never want to be mediocre – at ANYthing. But I’m trying this year to change how I look at things. To be gentler on myself. And not in a wimpy way but in a kinder more encouraging sort of way. Can anyone relate to this? What are your struggle points when it comes to your relationship with yourself/your game? . ? @ajsilverman_golf ? . . #mondaymotivation #changehowyousee #bekind #bestrong #beyourownbestfriend #golf #golfer #optimist #positivity #bestgameonearth

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