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Hey @bernhard.langer you wanna talk gear? I do….

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Lucy appreciation postโ€” this little four year old. She is steady, like, incredibly steady. I LOVE that about her, especially in these times. I see this little twinkle in her eye and this unwavering hope. She hasnโ€™t a clue what is going on around her. But even if I am crying, she is saying, itโ€™s going to be okay mama! She is up for anything, and JOYFULLY offers to clean dishes or fold laundry or help cook. She loves everyone and every creature. She finds beauty in things that the average person would not. And she is goofy. Those faces. Being her mama is such an incredible honor and privilege. These days I swing between wanting to hunker down til Jesus returns and then wanting to keep sharing and living and working on my little plot of ground I have been graciously given. I am going to strive to be an encouragement to whoever reads these posts and serve my family the best I can. Love you people. #raisingarrows #daysarelongyearsareshort #thankful #motherhood #jesuslovesyou

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