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If you were asked what your biggest strength was, what would it be? I say your biggest strength is that you are unlike anyone else out there. There never will be another ‘YOU’. Your passions, your stories, your experiences, your knowledge, your humor, your perspective, and your energy all come together to create who you are. We live in a world of seemingly endless comparisons or inspirations. It’s so hard to not feel like you don’t meet expectations or the standards we assume in our minds! When I found my strength in my being, it shifted from being ‘Beautiful’ or ‘Strong’ or ‘Intelligent’ enough to being the best ‘ME’ I could be. And that new reality made all the difference in the pursuit of living true happiness. So ask yourself. What’s your biggest strength? What makes ‘You’? #YOU #STRENGTH . . . . . . . . . . . . . #sareelove #love #mumbai #instagood #bollywood #style #sareesofinstagram #bhfyp #traditional #art #travel #sareelovers #photooftheday #indianwedding #photography #beauty #sareefashion #ethnicwear #instadaily #onlineshopping #follow #indianfashion #beautiful #sarees #india #instagram #indianwear #photo

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[ GREEN SIDE BUNKER ] Executing a high soft bunker shot . MBGA Junior Elite Student @aaron.pj.williams (England & Maryland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇺🇸) seen working with MB during a one on one session . The Junior Elite students travel from all over the world to live & train with MB on a regular basis. They have access to his one on one coaching 6 hours per week & additionally have the opportunity for extra credit work at 7am on Saturday mornings. How technically sound would you be if you were working with MB this frequently throughout your teenage years? ✨ . SWIPE LEFT to see both videos . BUNKER TECHNIQUE: Aaron is seen learning a technique which will give him a better opportunity to execute high soft bunker shots. The best bunker players in the world are able to make long backswings with a ton of speed and because the club head is being presented to the ball with a ton of loft they’re able to hit the ball a very short distance. Aaron quickly makes the adjustments and you can hear the speed & bounce of the club being utilized. Additionally you can see his lengthened backswing . One of the best things about MB is in the short game scenarios he doesn’t even need to comb through data/video footage to figure out what to work on. By observing a players set up and the way that the ball comes out (loft & spin) he can immediately tell what’s lacking in their technique. A lesson that might normally take a full hour (bunker play) is literally taken care of in 5 minutes with an athletic junior. The before & after results of these lessons always leave us shaking our head in amazement . Aaron has just finished his 1st year with the MBGA Junior Elite Program. He recently represented the state of Maryland in The Capital Cup which is a Ryder Cup style event placing the top juniors in Maryland against the top juniors in Virginia. He’s shot a ton of rounds under par in tournament play including a 69 in the final round of a @hurricanejrgolf event last weekend . Head to our Insta Stories to see @tigerwoods fully releasing the club at the bottom of the bunker shot while adding significant loft #Benderized

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