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Bob was trying desperately to get in 18 on a soon-to-be stormy day.

He was playing the round of his life, but as the weather grew worse, his swing on the 15th tee was awkward, resulting in a hooked drive into the trees.

His lie was a good one, but right next to a tree. He quickly approached his ball, set himself up, and right as he took the club to the top, lightning struck down from the sky catching his steel-shafted 5-iron.

His friends hurried over to see that there was a large crater in the ground and no site of Bob or his clubs. He was gone.

When he reached the pearly gates, St. Peter said, “Son, we are sorry to have taken you at such an early age, however, because you love the game so much, and you had the round of your life going, we decided to bring your clubs that you love so dearly so that you may play all the courses of heaven, which are more incredible than any course you have ever played.”

The man started crying instantly, to which St. Peter replied, “I know, you have left behind many loved ones.”

Bob said, “No, that’s not it.”

“Yes, my son, you also had an unbelievable life and a great career,” St. Peter said.

“No, that’s not it either,” sobbed Bob.

St. Peter was stumped. “Well then, what could make you so unhappy, that you would cry like a 3-year-old?”

Bob looked up as the tears flooded from his eyes and said, “I think I left my favorite wedge back on the 14th green.”

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No Sand In Sight

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