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As he was walking his dog one weekday afternoon, Fred, the bookie the bettors loved to hate, saw a young man on the local links.

Fred stopped for a moment to watch him tee off and followed longer when he saw that the boy had talent. The young man had holed his tee shot. He was about to call out his congratulations when the lad teed up again, and once more holed out.

Now Fred, never one to let an opportunity pass, walked up to the youngster, congratulated him and asked, “How old are you?”

“11, sir,” the young person replied.

“Has anyone else here seen you play?” Fred inquired.

Having received the assurance that no one had, Fred proposed a match the next day with the club champion. The odds were handsome – 10-to-1 against the new young player.

The boy, however, took an 11 on the first hole and went on around the course in much the same way. Of course he lost badly. Fred was furious.

“You’ve made me look like a fool!” he scolded. “What’s with the idea of pretending you can’t play?”

“Listen” the wiley youngster whispered, “next week you’ll get 100-to-1.”

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The Perfect Golf Prank

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The past few years I feel like I’ve learned more about my self than ever. Recently I have been proud for handling my stress better. I’ve been focusing on enjoying the present moment rather than what’s ahead of what needs to get done. Especially when I’m out on the golf course. Whether I am playing great golf that day or not having the best round, when I take that minute to look around, it makes me think about how lucky I am to be out playing golf at that moment. Then I start to notice the beautiful things around me and it brings peace. Many people say “Focus on the positives” but it can be harder than it seams sometimes. Taking a breathe and noticing things around you that you don’t usually notice can help open your eyes to positivity.🌸

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