Frustrated Golfer Hits Ace With A Putter

If you’re a golfer who has never felt the euphoria of a hole-in-one, perhaps you’ve been doing it all wrong all along. 


Andrew Easdale, a 36-handicapper who is undergoing cancer treatment, made an unlikely ace on the 5th hole on the Short Course at Trevose Golf & Country Club in Cornwall, England. 

The tight, 85-yard hole has a tiny green guarded by bunkers, so Easdale did what any proper links golfer would do — he teed off with his putter.

“I could claim that with links courses one ought to stay low when playing near the green and that, as the conditions were dry and fast-running, the putter seemed the best option,” Easdale explained, according to “But that is a retrospective justification of what was at the time just an impulsive act by a jolly frustrated golfer.

“I had failed to muster even a halfway decent drive or chip thus far that day, so I had simply thought ‘hang it all, might as well use my putter here as it’s the one club that’s working for me.’

“I hit it well and the ball looked as if it would end up on the green – which I was more than happy with. But the ball just kept rolling, and then it disappeared. I was initially puzzled, and even asked ‘where did it go?’, before the penny finally dropped. Total disbelief – holes-in-one are for good golfers, not me!”

Easdale said he considered giving the game up right then, figuring it couldn’t get any better, but as any player who has piped a drive on the final hole or finished a poor round off well knows, the game has a way of sucking you back in.