Genius Golfer Makeshifts His Own Push Cart


Push carts have come a long way over the years. Just like everything else in golf, technology has transformed one of the more primitive methods of club transportation into three-wheeled (sometimes two or four-wheeled) manual luxury mobiles. However, no matter how souped-up they are nowadays, the basic idea remains the same. Why carry your bag when you can conserve energy by pushing it? Fundamentally, it makes sense, no matter how absurd it looks.  

Which leads us to this hilarious creation spotted on the internet.


This genius figured out that there’s no reason to spend money on buying or renting one when he can makeshift your own push cart with a dolly and some rope. While you have to respect the innovative thinking, can you imagine somebody rolling up to your weekly game with one of these bad boys? Don’t worry sir, they’re not laughing with you, not at you!


— — —

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