Getting The Younger Generation Into Golf Can Be Painful

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No one ever said that growing the game was going to be easy… or pain-free. 

Everyone has dreams of grandeur for their children. We all want them to live a better life than we had, and when it comes to living your best life, golfers believe that playing golf for a living is the best avenue to a happy and prosperous life. 

And so we find ourselves in the predicament this father above does: a few plastic clubs, some wiffle balls and an overarching level of confidence in our kids’ abilities. Whether or not the boy with the pink driver was the intended trick shot artist, he was the one who was going to take the first swing at it. 

The youngster must have misread the lie on dad’s forehead a bit because he came in way too steep for a ball sitting on a tee that was sitting on someone’s face. This dad might want to sign up Junior for a Swing-U subscription so that he can learn to properly set the club at the top and make a good move through impact that won’t require ice to take down the swelling.