Giant 15-Foot Alligator Spotted At Florida Course

A local legend turned a group of golfers into believers this week. Chubbs, the 15-foot alligator who went viral two years ago, was spotted again at Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto, Florida. 

This time, Bradenton’s Sage Stryczny encountered the giant reptile preparing to sun himself just off of one of Buffalo Creek’s putting greens.

Stryczny and his father were in the group whose round was interrupted by Chubbs. Stryczny took the video of the giant gator moseying across the course before plopping down to sun itself on the backside of a bunker.

Chubbs made national news back in 2016 when Charles Helms spotted the giant gator and began recording. 

“I was stunned and silent,” Helms said at the time. “I didn’t know if we were being punked or something. It was just laying down, resting, when it got up and started moving towards the big lake.”

Ken Powell, the general manager of Buffalo Creek, said that seeing Chubbs on the golf course is nothing new, except for many players have never seen a gator his size that close before.

“He doesn’t hurt anybody. He’s got a giant reservoir to go to,” Powell told “If you’re on foot, you don’t want to be that close.”