Golf Fights: Teens, Gators & Happy Gilmore

Sometimes, teens just need to be taught a lesson. If that teaching happens to come on a golf course – because said teen was riding his bike on the pristine grass – so be it.

That’s what happened when a golfer in Victorville, Calif., got his hands on such a young man. Enjoy:

Classic how the rest of the “gentleman” just stand around and watch. No need to interfere with a boy learning his place.

At least no punches were thrown. The same cannot be said about this golf course altercation a couple weeks ago (warning: Some not-fit-for-print words are tossed around).

It’s not just humans who fight on golf courses: 

And any story about golf fights wouldn’t be complete without the classic Happy Gilmore-Bob Barker tilt:

Have a great weekend holiday everyone!

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