How Does Drinking Affect Your Golf Game?


It’s the age-old question among golfers: does drinking during a round actually help you to play better, or does it make you worse? Luckily for golfers everywhere, the guys at My Golf Spy decided to take on this very important issue the only way they knew how: drinking themselves silly on the course.


There are proponents on both sides of the bar. Those in favor believe a little alcohol intake can loosen up their swing and make them less likely to over-analyze a shot. Those opposed to drinking on the course claim they lose their feel or touch that becomes so important with their scoring clubs. 


So what was the verdict? Despite one of the four players unbelievably knocking in an ace during the experiment, Adam Beach and the crew found that drinking during a round affected them negatively, at least from a quality of play standpoint.

As far as having more fun goes, well, that’s an experiment for a different day. 


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