Golf Instructor Injured In Golf Cart Hit-And-Run

A Durham, North Carolina golf instructor is recovering from a broken femur, broken nose and scrapes and bruises after she was hit by a car driving her golf cart near the 18th hole of Hillandale Golf Course. The driver of the car fled the scene.

“(I) was headed back in, cross the road like I usually cross the road, and next thing I know, there was an impact,” Fran James told “If they had just stopped, it was just an accident. But now that they left the scene, they’ve broken the law.

“I would be very happy to know that they have a conscience, to know that they can lay their head on their pillow at night and not worry about what they’ve done wrong,” she added. “I’m not mad. I forgive you for doing it. But for himself (or herself), he or she will feel a lot better if they can just come forward.”

James said the accident occurred around 7 p.m. and that the driver did not have their headlights on. 

“You knew that you hit something, and for someone to keep going and not to say, ‘I think I may have hit someone,’ I will never understand how a human life isn’t more important than the stopping to see what had happened,” she said. “It’s a little disappointing just to know that someone’s still out there who’s driving who shouldn’t be driving. The fact that they didn’t stop just makes you wonder why they didn’t stop.”