Golf Joke Of The Day – July 11, 2023

Joke Of The Day

Three club members were having a sandwich between nines when a new member was enjoying a beer at the table next to them.

“That’s the guy that joined a couple of weeks ago, and I hear he is one heckuva golfer,” Sam said to his two pals. “I think we should ask him to join us tomorrow.”

All are in agreement, and after all the introductions, Mike said, “I’d be happy to go along. What time do we play?”

“Well, we usually go off at 8 o’clock.” Sam replied.

“Sounds great, I won’t be more than three minutes late,” Mike said.

The next morning, all four are on the first tee. And what a day it was. Mike, playing left-handed, had 18 pars.

The three regulars were amazed at Mike’s skills around the course. They asked him if he was able to play the next day.

“I would love to, what time?” Mike asked.

“Same time? 8 o’clock?” Mike replied.

“Fine, I won’t be more than three minutes late.”

All were on the first tee at 8 a.m., but this time, Mike teed off right-handed, and proceeded to record 18 pars.

After the round, in the snack bar, Mike received – besides a free beer and hot dog – praise from the others in the foursome, but Sam had a question for Mike.

“How do you decide whether to play right or left-handed?” he asked.

“When I’m getting dressed to come to the course, if my wife is lying on her side facing the right side of the bedroom, I play right-handed. If she’s facing the left side of the bedroom, I play left-handed,” Mike answered.

“Amazing,” Sam said. “What do you do if she’s lying flat on her back?”

Mike, with a wry smile, said, “That’s when I’ll be three minutes late!”

(Submitted by reader Michael H.)

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