Golfer Gets Caught Playing in Ridiculous Storm


Golfers are gluttons for punishment, that much is for sure. They are the only group of people who routinely and willingly pay to have their nerves and skills tested by playing one of the most humbling games on the planet. 


The true psychos among golfers, however, are those who — again — willingly leave the comfy confines of their homes, apartments or offices to play golf in adverse weather conditions. And calling the conditions  a pair of golfers in Cornwall, England played through earlier this week “adverse” is an insult to Mother Nature; it was downright brutal out there.


Kevin Cunningham of had some background information on the weather that was blowing through over the holidays.

Revelers in Cornwall, England had been warned of high winds and potential hail storms during the week between Christmas and New Years, with gusts on the coast potentially reaching 80 mph (hurricane-force winds are defined as sustained or frequent gusts greater than 74 mph according to the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale preferred by American weather authorities).

That didn’t stop a few golfers from taking their chances at Newquay Golf Club in Newquay, Cornwall.

At some point during their round, the golfers were met (surprise, surprise) by hail and hurricane-force winds. Fortunately for the rest of us, one participant risked destroying his phone to capture his playing partner struggling to find cover during a particularly intense moment in the storm.




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