Golfer Pulls Off Wife Minivan Drill

Golf spouses are a special breed. It takes a unique person to put up with the constant thinking, tinkering, watching, playing and talking about golf at all hours of the day. Thankfully, it’s more of a mental exercise for those who have chosen to spend their lives with those of us who are fully eaten up by the golf bug… until now.

PGA of America professional Eric Chiles is taking the stress of being a golf spouse to the next level with his latest Instagram post. The Director of Instruction at the Chaska Town Course posted a video in which he describes incorporating “tournament pressure” into your practice routine.

So how does one replicate the same sweaty palms, tense muscles and uneasy nerves when hitting balls? Simple, you bring a minivan into play. 


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Incredibly, Chiles had no issues (at least that he put in the video or that were visible on the van) threading the needle through the van, but he couldn’t quite keep the ball low enough to knock over the Vitamin Water bottle sitting on one of the seats.

We’re definitely not going to encourage you to go out and try this challenge, but we’re also not going to be upset if you attempt it and then send us your results. Of course, it’s not our van or the wrath you may incur if you’re not quite the sharpshooter Chiles proved to be.

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