Golfers Fight On The Fairway Of Denver Course

Well, that’s something you don’t see every day. 

The fight was recorded and posted by Justin Abrams on his Instagram account and thankfully, he gave us  a little background into what turned a nice day of golf at Fossil Trace Golf Club in Golden, Colo.

Went out to my favorite course with Kevin @coloradokev and @grantjbradshaw on my last day in CO and witnessed some absolutely ridiculous #fightclub on the 18th hole after someone hit right into the group on the green. Who says white ppl don’t brawl? #golffight #denver #neverlayup #whitemalematurity #fossiltracegolfclub

Let that be a lesson to you impatient big hitters: if you’re ever playing golf in the Denver area, it’s best to probably hold off on hitting into the group ahead of you.

The best part? The handshake at the end after Pink Polo Guy got his bell rung. It is a gentleman’s game after all.  


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