Golfers Play While Volcano Erupts In Background

Last week, there was nothing to worry about for Volcano Golf and Country Club in Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii. 

The lava flow emanating from Kilauea Volcano was not in danger of hitting the course. On Tuesday, the volcano again started to smoke, and the photos and video of the eruption are breathtaking. And yet through all of the eruptions, Volcano Golf and Country Club continues to operate. 


While spectators gather to watch the smoke and eruption on the golf course, golfers play like there was nothing out of the ordinary

Well, a volcano erupting in the background seems to be a nice backdrop to your approach shot. 

SxS app user Gregg Davis is a frequent player of the course and was out at Volcano Golf Club last Saturday with smoke rising from the Halemaumau crater across from the highway. Davis provided a photo of the view from the fourth fairway on Saturday

A view from the fourth fairway of Volcano Golf & Country Club on Saturday, May 13th. Photo courtesy of Gregg Davis.

Lava Has Volcano Golf & Country Club On Edge

Davis does have to take precautions when he is on the course. He brings along a respirator just in case the winds shift. There were no issues Tuesday, but with the winds shifting on Wednesday the course could be more difficult to play. The course is also getting covered in volcanic ash. 

“The wind changed directions (Tuesday) night, so probably ash blowing towards course (Wednesday),” Davis wrote by email. “That will make putts harder to read as well as have to club up on approach shots. Respirators worn as needed.”

The course remains open despite the plume of smoke and ash. A call to the pro shop on Wednesday was answered by the staff, which confirmed they are open for business, and quite busy taking calls from the media.

While it might be shocking to have a volcano erupt during your round, the golf course is located in Volcano National Park. Davis, meanwhile, is itching to get back on the course. 

“Will be playing on Saturday if course stays open,” Davis said. 


 The Volcano Golf & Country Club is an 18-hole facility built in 1921.