Golfers Sneak Into North Korea To Play In Event

Golfers have been known to pull some pretty elaborate stunts just to get out on the course, but a pair of 28-year-old Aussies took that to the next level. Traveling to China for a polo event, the Brisbane hackers heard about the seventh annual North Korean Golf Championships, and on a whim, applied for entry. To their surprise, they received a prompt response inviting them to compete.

The only catch was that these two “golfers” representing Australia weren’t very good players. The Sun has the rest of the amazing details.

Aussies Morgan Ruig and Evan Shay, both 28, claimed they were representing their country’s official golf team. In reality, they could hardly play at all and were found out when they started hitting awful shots, even whacking a ball into a river.

The pals, from Brisbane, were in Beijing playing polo when they heard about the seventh annual North Korean Golf Championships and decided to enter for a laugh. They sent an email and were amazed to be invited.

Mr. Ruig told the Courier Mail: “They didn’t check. We went over under the guise of the Australian Golf team but they quickly realized we weren’t after the first tee-off. I hit 120 and my caddy told me I had brought great shame to my family. We played very poorly but we met some very interesting people.”

The jokers confessed they were slightly nervous on account of stories about people disappearing and officials being reportedly machine-gunned to death for little reason by potty tyrant Kim.

Mr. Ruig added: “We were very nervous handing our passports over at the border. There are stories of people not coming home.It’s a place where you tread lightly but if you go off the beaten track they don’t muck about and lock you up. It was character building. I wouldn’t recommend it to a light-hearted traveller. It was pretty hardcore but it was an amazing experience.”

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