9 Most Memorable Golf Commercials

Golf companies have been in a silent competition for years to see who can film the funniest commercial ever. We all benefit, of course, since there have been some great ads. Here are some of our favorites from recent memory.

Tiger Woods – Nike Golf
Tiger Woods is one of the most bankable pitchmen of all time — golf or otherwise. Some of his earliest gems were with Frank the talking head cover in ads for Nike Golf and Golfsmith.

One of Woods’ most recent commercial hits was the “No Cup is Safe” campaign with Rory McIlroy:

But the most memorable Tiger ad of all may have been the one that resulted in everyone bouncing the ball on the face of their wedges for years to come. The story goes that the creative types working behind the scenes of this one had a completely different concept in mind for the day’s shoot, only to marvel at Tiger’s ball control, and ended up filming and producing this instead…

Any commercial that’s able to use “Shankapotomous” will rank highly among the golfing set. Mix in a baby talking smack about investing and the rules of golf, and you have the greatest golf Super Bowl ad of all time.

So you show up for your regular Sunday foursome to find that you’re one man short. Just your luck, you get paired with Darth Vader. It could happen, right? Sure! Well, moving to the dark side is one thing, but using the force to win a skin is quite another. Just be careful not to get choked out.

As the title sponsor of the PGA Tour’s season-long FedExCup race, golf-themed FedEx commercials are almost a given come come fall when that battle comes to a conclusion. When three corporate flunkies try to fake their way through a video conference it all ends with laptop beat down mildly reminiscent of “Office Space.”

Or sometimes those in the office are just waiting for the chance to get out:

If one of your guilty pleasures is sitting down for an episode of “America’s Funniest Videos” or “Wipeout,” you’re all about the schadenfreude — and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with deriving a bit of pleasure from the misfortune of others. You’ll probably end up watching this one in a loop.

Some guys have way too much time on their hands, but if you have friends like these, you should probably consider yourself fortunate they care enough to go to this much trouble for a laugh.

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