Golf’s Newest On-Course Delivery Service: Drones

Cart girls move over. There’s a new on-course service in town: drones. If you’re in desperate need for that Montecristo after suddenly developing the “yips” or shanking one off the 12th tee box, fear no more. This device will fly through the sky and be your savior.

 Alright, a few things to discuss after watching this:

– How great is it to be THAT guy whose job it is to fly the drone?

– Does he/she get a bonus if they build a Jenga tower of cigars and attempt do multiple deliveries at once?

– Club pros may want to look into insurance for these bad boys. Someone like Jason Day may blast it out of the sky like a perfect skeet shot.

– How soon will we able to order a hamburger (toasted buns, obviously) and an Arnold Palmer through the drone service?

– Don’t these guys know there’s a dress code for golf? An Under Armour sweatshirt and jeans?! I don’t think Bill Belichick would even wear that attire. Blasphemy!

I won’t lie though, someone’s definitely thinking outside of the box here and I know plenty of people who would order a cigar through this service just for the experience. For now, we can only dream about cold ones and hot food being delivered via drone.


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