‘Gone In 60 Seconds’ Eleanor Mustang To Be Auctioned

One of the most iconic cars in movie history, (or at least from any Nicholas Cage movie starring Angelina Jolie,) is headed for auction this December. “Eleanor” from “Gone In 60 Seconds” will be put on the block at Mecum’s Austin 2014 auction, and it could potentially sell for upwards of $1 million.

The Cage-driven 1967 Ford Mustang is just one of three “hero cars” (used for scenes involving the actors) in the movie, which bumps up the value greatly. The reason for the expected selling price of more than $1 million? One of the other three hero cars sold for that much a year ago.


Designed by Steve Stanford, it features a 4-speed transmission with a Go Baby Go shifter knob and Schmidt 17″ wheels. And for those scorching hot days when you’d be driving this beauty — even though it should probably never be driven again — you’ll enjoy the air conditioning.

The side-exhaust pipes were added post-filming, but the rest of the custom body kit is exactly how it appeared in the movie.


On the inside, you’ll find a nitrous oxide tank between the two seats with a fake button to engage the speed boost.

The auction will be held Dec. 12-13 in Austin, Texas.



[h/t Fox Sports]


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