Golfer Hits Anti-Shank


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Golf is hard, hitting a shank is easy. A little lapse in concentration with an iron in your hand and the next thing you know, you’re feeling that unwanted ping in your fingers and looking sideways to see where your ball is headed.

While the shank is one of the most humiliating shots in golf, the anti-shank with a club that doesn’t have a protruding hosel may take the embarrassment cake. While it’s almost easier to hit a ball off of the toe of the club and have it react similarly to a hosel rocket, the inside-of-the-driver hit is so hard to do it’s impressive.

Breaking down the film of the shot above, the club looks to completely miss the ball, but some divine sinister force is at work.

It’s probably best if you don’t look at that picture for too long. 


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