DeLaet Hilariously Reverses Roles in Office Prank


It’s easy to forget that the best golfers in the world are actually at work when we watch them in person at a Tour event or from the comforts of our home on a Sunday afternoon.


That fact is not lost on those inside the ropes, however, and Canadian PGA Tour pro Graham DeLaet decided to have a little fun by flipping the script on some unsuspecting office workers in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and hollering some of the ridiculous things he and his fellow pros hear on a weekly basis at their jobs.


While there may not be an apples to apples comparison between workplace environments, it does allow DeLaet to get a little light-hearted revenge on one of the scourges of professional golf. 

Next time you’re at a Tour event, maybe this video will make you think twice about screaming out.

Or maybe not. 


— — — 

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