Gretzky: Watching DJ Play Gives Me Anxiety

Wayne Gretzky isn’t used to being uncomfortable around competition. You don’t get a nickname like “The Great One” without thriving under pressure. However, now that he’s outside of the field of play, his roles have reversed.

Speaking with Graham Bensinger, Gretzky broke down his relationship with his daughter’s fiancé, Dustin Johnson, and what it’s like for a great champion like himself to have no control over the outcome of DJ’s rounds.  

“I never thought – once I retired – that I would have the same sense or the same feeling, going into tournaments that you are pulling so badly and wanting somebody to win so desperately that your stomach hurts when you are watching. Sometimes I have to turn away if [Dustin’s] got a putt or sometimes I get nervous if he’s got a shot. . . . That’s because you’re pulling for them so badly that you get this anxiety inside you that you want them to be so successful.”

The entire interview is slated to run this weekend. You can find out how you can watch it here on Bensinger’s website.



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