Golfer Takes a Swing, Sets Himself on Fire


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We’ve all heard the phrase “being on fire” when a person is on a hot streak in sports. However, people rarely mean it literally. As you can see from the golfer in the zone above, we do.

During what appears to be a camping trip, this bright group of golf fanatics thought it would be a smart idea to light something on fire and take a swing at with a golf club.

Without any protective gear or even close-toed shoes, for that matter, this guy draws the club back with his buddy filming and lets it fly. 


Right on cue, the ball, or whatever was engulfed in flames, exploded and caught the golfer’s clothes in flames. Fortunately for him, there was a lake nearby that he was able to jump into to put it out the fire.

Of course, his buddies didn’t panic; instead, they laughed uncontrollably while their friend was actually on fire. 

Small, but obvious disclaimer: don’t try this at home! 



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