Harley-Davidson Wants Fan Feedback on Electric Motorcycle

Don’t you just hate it when you roll up to the golf course on your rumbling Harley, and that group getting ready to tee off No. 1 gives you the stink eye because the whole place isn’t library-quiet for them?

OK, so that’s never happened to me either. But if you ever did want to cruise to the club on a Harley without making such a racket, Harley-Davidson’s first electric motorcycle is just for you. Well, eventually it could be yours.

Harley unveiled Project LiveWire on Thursday. The bike will not be finalized or available to the public for some time, but enthusiasts can test it out at one of 30 Harley dealerships across the U.S. The promotional tour begins Monday in New York City.

Harley devotees will probably bemoan the lack of blaring engine noise. But, about this more environmentally-friendly bike, Harley chief marketing officer Mark-Hans Richer said, “The sound is a distinct part of the thrill. Think fighter jet on an aircraft carrier.”

For those of you still hung up on the idea of carrying your clubs to the course while riding a motorcycle, DV8 Sports has your solution right here. Clubs in a backpack are perfect for any Harley rider, wouldn’t you say?

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