How You Can Play Augusta National

Fore, please. Now driving … you?

You read that right. Augusta National may be one of the country’s most exclusive clubs, but there are ways to get out on the course and play. There are ways, dude. And you do want to know about them.

A tip of the $50 green cap goes out to scribe Dylan Dethier, who rounded up 10 scenarios that will grant you access to Magnolia Lane. But be warned — the odds aren’t exactly in your favor on any of these.

Collected below are a couple of our favorites, which, as you’ll see run the gamut from semi-realistic to downright preposterous. 

  1. Befriend a member: Pretty simple. Members are allowed to bring guests on the course, and the membership (estimated to be around 300) is sprinkled throughout the country. Now you just need to find one, become buds in the most organic way possible and make sure they don’t catch onto your ulterior motives. 
  2. Be employed by a sponsor: The Monday after the tournament sees sponsors get the chance to tee it up. The list of companies who sponsor the tournament includes some heavy hitters like IBM, Mercedes-Benz and UPS, so we’re guessing you’ll need more than an entry-level gig to have a shot. But it’s a shot nonetheless.
  3. Become a media member: Full disclosure — this is the one we’re hoping works out for us someday. But as with the public ticket lottery, only a select few get the privilege to play the course at the conclusion of the tournament. And once you’ve been one of the lucky few, you can’t re-enter the lottery for seven years. At least they’re trying to spread the love around.

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