How to Squeeze Every Drop of Fun Left In Summer

Before the leaves begin to fall and we look forward to hot cocoa and sweaters, here are some musts to squeeze into your schedule before summer’s end.

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Squeeze Into White Pants

Any fashionista knows that wearing white after Labor Day (gasp!) is a bonafide way to lower your style credibility. However, even the most rigid rules of fashion are meant to be broken. Rest assured that out on the golf course you can sport winter white or cream pants well into October, especially if you’re hitting the greens out in San Diego or down in Florida.

Let your favorite stark white jeans (I love DL 19601 available at Bloomingdale’s) hug your hips one last time over Labor Day weekend.  Pair it with a cute basic bright-colored button up and heels for a tres’ sexy night out and kiss summer goodbye, at least until next year.

Squeeze A Lime In Your Drink


Nothing says getting the most out your summer like a delicious cocktail w/lime.

The health benefits of lime include weight loss, skin care and improved digestion. Limes are bursting with vitamin C, citric acid, natural sugar, iron, phosphorous and antioxidants. I like to squeeze a lime into my water for a mid afternoon pick me up. The sour taste will awaken your senses and ward off any potential sugar cravings. For a more adventurous afternoon pick me up, squeeze it into a Cosmopolitan and invite your favorite gal pal over.

The folks at the Delano Hotel Pool Bar in Miami know how to shake lime in any drink just right. Here’s my favorite cocktail concoction:

Mix equal parts Vodka, lime juice, Triple Sec and cranberry juice. Shake and enjoy!

Squeeze Your Buns & Guns

That’s right. Before the temperature drops, drop and give me twenty! Enjoy outdoor exercises that can only be experienced in the summer months. Get your stand up paddle board on, which is great for your core muscles, quads and arms making it the perfect total body work out. You can stand up paddle board in a lake, in a river, in the ocean, practically any body of water will do.  Unless you’re really gung ho about SUP-ing, I advise renting one before you buy.

Squeeze Summer Sounds:

I know we have all had enough of Robin Thicke’s catchy summer anthem “Blurred Lines” but I think there’s a couple of other songs that deserve a few more plays on the old iPod:

Lorde Song: “Royals”

I don’t know what’s more impressive, the fact that the New Zealand singer-songwriter is only 17 or that no matter how many times I listen to this song, I don’t get sick of it. Lorde signed a development deal with Universal Records at the age of 12 and is expected to release her first studio album later this year. Until then I have the uber addicting “Royals” on repeat.

Kanye West Song: “Blood On The Leaves”

You can’t have a summer song list with out mentioning Mr. West… Kanye West of course! A much moodier/darker sound than previous records, it was received mixed reviews from critics and fans alike.  I personally enjoy most of the tracks on the “Yeezus” album; especially to work out to.

Jay-Z Song: “Holy Grail”

Another hugely anticipated album from another trailblazing artist. I love this track that includes the vocal stylings of Justin Timberlake. The rest of the album for me is so-so, but I can’t get enough of this song.

Avicii Song: “Wake Me Up”

You know those songs the first time you hear them your entire being responds with a resounding YES! For me, this is one of those songs. It not only makes my earbuds happy,  it makes me want to dance, jump & basically  go nuts every time I hear it.

Seal your summer with a kiss.

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