Hump Day: Caleb C. has a Rap for That

We’re almost there, folks. It’s the back end of Wednesday, which means it’s the back half of the week, which means the last weekend of PGA Tour golf is almost here. Actually, that’s not something to celebrate.

But it’s about that time of week where the energy you gained from two days off has worn off, and the energy you get from knowing two days off are coming up has yet to arrive. Let’s be blunt: It’s an unproductive time at work.

Which means it’s a great time to watch YouTube videos. And the perfect one for this “Hump Day” occasion is from a 5-year-old rapper. You may remember Caleb C. from his debut single in June, “I Love Golf,” just one of the many great golf music videos we’ve seen this year.

Another fitting video comes to us from the hit-and-miss folks at Geico. Apparently this one was a hit: It’s been viewed on YouTube more than 13 million times. Most them probably on this very day of the week:

And this one has nothing to do with Hump Day, but it’ll brighten up your Wednesday:

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