Impressionist Nails DJ’s Mannerisms, Swing

Jack Bartlett isn’t a name very well-known to golf fans. Dustin Johnson is, however, and Bartlett may be on to something ingenious as he continues to fill out his repertoire of impressions. 

Bartlett exploded onto the golf scene on Wednesday by saying, “People have said for years I should put some of my golf impressions on social media.. Feedback appreciated!” 

His foray into golf impressions was a clip of Bartlett as Dustin Johnson, answering a question about his play in a DJ drawl and with his typical understated nature. Then the magic happened. Barlett sauntered up to the ball in uncanny DJ fashion and smashed an iron with a DJ swing.

The answer was strong, the swing was better and the mid-bend stop tee pick-up was Italian-chef-kissing-his-fingers good. 

The clip went viral within the golf community and Bartlett came back on Thursday with another impression, this time of 2011 PGA Champion Keegan Bradley. Know for his eccentrics, Bartlett nailed Bradley’s hunched, but hurried walk, the pre-shot routine, swing and follow-through lean.

This is all too good and makes us wonder why he hasn’t shared his gift with us any sooner.

Bradley himself took to social media to give his props. 

We can’t wait for his next video to drop.