Interesting On-Course Pot Study

There have been a few studies of how drinking while playing golf can affect your performance, but with the proliferation of legalized marijuana use spreading across the United States, the folks at Golf Digest decided to take on the task of playing golf while getting increasingly high. 


The findings, which were tested against a sober baseline revealed some fascinating finds. The golfers that were tested ranged from a 6-handicap to an 18-handicap and were given incremental dosages of THC and asked to perform the tasks — five drives, five approaches and five putts — while their dosage rose from 0 milligrams of THC to 50 milligrams.

Willie, the 6-handicap, showed his skill primarily in the approach and short-game portions, while Scott, a 13-handicap, could bomb it off of the tee, but was a little more wild with his proximity. Finally, Jack, an 18-handicap, displayed his short comings in the approach and putting portions.


Playing in California, the golfers took incremental dosages of THC using a vape pen to raise their intake to 18 milligrams where the players found “the zone.” Almost across the board, each player added distance off of the tee and hit their approaches closer. The high point had been reached.


As the players continued to imbibe, their skills retreated to the baseline. By the time they had 50 milligrams of THC in their systems, the numbers posted were pretty similar to those of the sober baseline with the exception of Jack who saw a substantial distance decrease.

Like most things in life, moderation seems to be the key. For this test group, three doses of THC seemed to be the sweet spot.