Introducing the Golf Ball Bucket Challenge

A few months ago we introduced our Back9Network fans to the Ice Bucket Challenge – a charity-focused game of dare that has spread through social media outlets like wildfire. As with most viral videos, however, the challenge started to feel a little stale.

Apparently this guy thought so, too. Behold! The Golf Ball Bucket Challenge!

That’s… that’s just not smart. And it probably doesn’t feel great either.

In a way, this new challenge seems to address the one element that was sorely lacking (pun intended) in the ice bucket version. Everybody seems to prefer dumping water on themselves like it’s no big deal.

What might not surprise many of you, I’ve been hit in the head with a golf ball before… and it’s not something I’d like to experience twice. Perhaps this new idea will prompt more people who are challenged to put the bucket down and open up their wallets.

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