Is 2013 the Year of the Golf Music Video?

The MTV Video Music Awards took place at the Barclays Center on Sunday night in Brooklyn, and while most fans were watching the reunion of N’Sync and Miley Cyrus twerking all over the place, a few music videos actually won an award.

Unfortunately, we were saddened to hear that none of the year’s best golf-related music vids even earned a nomination. This is probably a conspiracy theory the likes of which the world has never seen; however, here is a list of our favorite videos to watch in the meantime.

The latest hit dropped last month, courtesy of Jiggy, a comedian from Orlando. Here is “Lob Wedge”:

Of course, this follows the release of “I Love Golf” in June by Caleb C., who is all of 5 years old:

The year began with the often-overlooked hit, “Slice Slice Baby,” a parody by Jason and Jordan Tate:

But none of these can top the Golf Boys’  “2.Oh”:

That video, released in March, was a sequel to the 2011 Golf Boys, hit “Oh Oh Oh”:

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