Is Metallica Working on John Daly’s Entrance Music?

For years, Metallica has been an integral part of stadium playlists — most notably as the entrance music for now-retired Yankees closer Mariano Rivera.

With Mo out of baseball, the band is now pondering its future and trying to find something to do in the newest SportsCenter commercial:

Honestly, if it weren’t for the quiet, subdued nature of professional golf, John Daly would probably be the perfect candidate. He loves music, loves playing guitar and seems like the type of guy that would thoroughly enjoy being introduced by “Enter Sandman” or something of the ilk. 

This isn’t the first great “This is SportsCenter” commercial featuring the game we all love. Here are five of the best SportsCenter golf spots: 

1. Arnold Palmer Makes an Arnold Palmer

2. “Dude, are you color blind?”

3. Tiger Draws a Crowd

4. Mickelson Lends a Hand

5. Making Golf Pencils

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Leave it to ESPN to create another excellent “This is SportsCenter” spot. Over the years, they’ve provided us with some of the best commercials on television and this new Metallica spot doesn’t disappoint. 

Photo Gallery: The Best of John Daly’s Pants


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